Hit the Zombie Face

Hit The Zombie Face is a free online zombie shooting game. This is an addictive [...]

Fishing Humans

Fishing Humans is a fun physics-based puzzler. Find a way to eat the brains of t [...]

Horror Lab

A couple of years ago, a zombie epidemic has threatened the world. The threat wa [...]

i saw her too, with lasers

The sequel to i saw her standing there. Desperate to find a cure, a mad scientis [...]

Zombie Like Brain

Garlic always trying to beat zombie.rnBut always fail...Today garlic get a good [...]

Pumpkin Hat

Pumpkin Hat is a nice halloween highscores game in which you must survive as lon [...]

Zombie Hunting

You are the rightful hand of law, order and life itself! As a police officer in [...]

Braainz Zap!

Braainz Zap!. Try to survive the zombie hordes until dawn! In this puzzle game, [...]

Brainless Zombie

magic block before you grab the brain. When you are playing with the zombie the [...]

The Zombie Feeder

The Zombie Feeder is a funny action game, where you role the little zombie and h [...]

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